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Collaboration and partnership: Rebecca's passion for connecting people gets noticed!

If you've been around the RHGTV Network for very long at all, you know that our founder and CEO, Rebecca Hall Gruyter is a connector at heart. She loves to build platforms so that others can take center stage and SHINE with their passions and heart messages. We're excited to let you know that others are noticing this beautiful heart in Rebecca! In the last few months she's be spotlighted by two organizations for her partnerships and spirit of collaboration.

In February of 2018, LinktoEXPERT proudly presented the Collaboration Champion of the Year Award to Rebecca! LinktoEXPERT founder Joanne Weiland loves to highlight collaboration - "This is an important award because we believe you can achieve your goals quicker and with ease when you collaborate. Working together creates excitement, encouragement and empowerment."


LinktoEXPERT believes that a key to success starts with simply setting an intention of what you want to accomplish, finding someone with the talents to assist you. From thee, it's a matter of evaluating what they have done for clients and discussing your project with them to determine if they are the right candidate to work with. Result: Your idea becomes a reality! Weiland found this twice in 2017, when she agreed to collaborate with Rebecca as a Speaker Talent Search panelist. As a panelist, Joanne was presented with videos and information from finalists to critique. Rebecca then introduced Joanne to the professional speaker finalists. In return, Joanne introduced the finalists to her colleagues and/or affiliates that could assist in elevating their expertise.

“Rebecca creates various platforms and programs for professionals to become best selling authors, writers for digital magazines, keynote speakers, radio/TV show hosts, radio/TV show guests, etc. with ease," said Weiland.

Rebecca was also highlighted at the end of 2017 by WordWideWomen, a for-profit company on a social mission to move the needle toward gender parity. They believe that global connection and access to information and resources are powerful tools to help

change the game for women!

Of course, Rebecca's favorite things about WWW? Its heartbeat of collaboration and passion for lifting women up around the world! To see the page where they spotlighted Rebecca, go here: https://worldwidewomen.co/story/56

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