RHG Magazine & TV Guide Spring 2018 - Page 48

Coming Next Issue...

Enjoy a special focus on stepping into your star

power...taking center stage with your message and

discovering how to shine powerfully in the world.

We will be including the following in our upcoming July

2018 issue:

~Updates on our book launches, powerful articles that tie

into each season, and updates on our powerful network.

~New columnists joining our team

~Special author and expert highlights

~Updates on our upcoming book releases for 2018

~Share list of upcoming book releases for 2019

~New programs being released on our powerful network.

~Two new magazine columnists: Adrian Jefferson Chofor and Kristen


In the Meantime....

Watch the release of Humorous Adventures with Baaaaahbra!!! to be

released on Amazon on June 19th written by the amazing Barbara

Gross and published by RHG Media Productions.

We are offering a special best-seller book launch rate of $1 with her

launch...but just the first 24-72 hours...so mark it on your calendar and

enjoy her powerful book!

Our next quarterly RHG Magazine and TV Guide TM will be released in mid- July!

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