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One of Rebecca's heart passions is to help bring forth people's messages and bring them centerstage for the rest of the world to hear. She does that by any and every means available to her: TV, radio, magazine, and BOOKS! Here are a few that will be coming to the world very soon!!

Listed below, please find the dates and descriptions of our upcoming book launches. Celebrate with each author/and or publisher as they bring their powerful book forward. Make sure to mark the launch dates listed below on your calendar! Each book will be released on publishing date below on Amazon. During the first 24-72 hours of its release.....we will be running a special best seller campaign where you will be

able to purchase this book for $1 USD! Imagine what a powerful library you could build at those rates!!

2018 Anthologies Rebecca is Leading as the Compiler and RHG Media Productions(TM) is Proud to be Publishing

September 18th - Step Forward & SHINE! This anthology is compiled by Rebecca Hall Gruyter, #1 International Best Selling Author. This powerful anthology is the third and final of the SHINE series.

It will help our readers step forward in practical and profound ways so that they can SHINE powerfully in their life!

December 4th - Empowering YOU, Transforming Lives, compiled by Rebecca Hall Gruyter, #1 International Best Selling Author. This daily inspiration will

help our readers each day of the year live on purpose and with great purpose.

Books Coming Soon to a Shelf Near You!!