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Ask Rebecca!

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by: Rebecca Hall Gruyter, CEO of RHG Media Productions and Founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice

This powerful column provides you an opportunity to ask Rebecca those visibility/media questions, business questions, money questions, leadership, speaker, personal growth, and empowerment questions you have. Rebecca wants to help you overcome fear and bring your message forward. In each issue, Rebecca will select 1 to 3 questions to answer.

Question 1:

Dear Rebecca, you have grown into Global Visibility step-by-step. What is your best tool for managing the inner gremlins that sometimes get in the way?

~Cynthia Stott, Global Visibility Mentor

Dear Cynthia, thank you for your beautiful question about visibility and our inner gremlins.

We need to choose who we listen to.

Do we listen to our truth, calling and

making the difference we're called to make in the world? Or to those voices inside us or around us who would have us play smaller, safer, and in the known. It is certainly OK to acknowledge our fears, our concerns, and those of others. But we cannot let them run us and limit us. We can choose to build support within so that as we step forward, we are able to do so in celebration and excitement. By contrast, as long as we let our gremlins run the show, we will be fear-ridden, find ourselves playing smaller and smaller, and even hiding.

The best way to banish a gremlin and/or fear is to shine light on it. Lean in, see if the

is real? If so, then you develop a plan to address the concern. If you lean in and see it’s an imaginary fear…a closer look will show you that and then you can release it and more forward. What helps me most, is knowing my “Why”. That if I can make a difference for another and reach more people, then I am willing to be seen on a higher level, more visible, and available to more people. It’s not about me…but what I’m called to build and those I’m called to support and reach. It’s okay to feel the fear, be uncomfortable at times, grow, learn, make mistakes, and get up again and SHINE. People are looking for connection, not perfection. Someone that will authentically reach out and help them. That is why it’s important to be more visible. So, you can reach more people.

Cynthia, I look forward to seeing you SHINE and helping those you mentor SHINE! to those items on the list.