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explained, “I watched as my niece came alive for what seemed to me like the first time in a long, long time. I didn't realize how personally important this day would be for me. I am deeply grateful for what you did for all girls, for my girl, and am awed by how seamlessly you made it happen…it was life changing.” When we hear comments like this one, we are reminded of the true value of the work we are doing.

~How can we become a part of WorldWideWomen and/or support your organization?

You can join as a WorldWideWomen member (it’s free!) to receive our updates, explore organizations, programs, and services that support your life, and to be part of a growing global community of women who are looking to lift each other up. If you are a woman business owner, you can apply to list your business in our new women-

owned business directory. Learn more about this at https://worldwidewomen.co/buy-from-women-lp. Lastly, you can spread the news about WorldWideWomen by liking and sharing our social media posts and by telling everyone you know about worldwidewomen.co.

~What is one thing you hope our readers will be encouraged to do when reading this article?

I hope that readers will visit worldwidewomen.co and take time to become a member, explore the thousands of resources available to them, enjoy our inspiring stories submitted by women business owners and our members around the world, and use their purchasing power to support businesses in our BuyFromWomen™ directory.

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE?

One of our members, a young woman and Syrian refugee, just shared her story with us this past week. In it, after explaining her escape during air strikes, she says, “I heard once that some people fear the fire, but others become the fire. I chose the second one.” We have two choices in how we approach challenges in our lives: to fear them or to take them on as opportunities for growth. In order to truly SHINE, we must have the courage to do the latter.

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