RHG Magazine & TV Guide Spring 2018 - Page 37

loud screeching sound and then a loud" YES! I found it!! This is what I’ve been looking

for. I knew I would know it when I seen it, this is it! I don’t care how much it cost I want

it, and it’s my size, can I try it on?"

It fit her perfectly like it was made just for her. She looked beautiful at President

Obama’s Inauguration. I was proud to be of service, bringing joy and happiness making

someone else day a little brighter.

~What is one thing you hope your readers will be inspired by in your chapter?

If you never have received support regarding your style I would say be kind to

yourself. Society dictates that we must be consumed by appearances however, by the

law of the universe it serves the heart and says its what’s in our heart that counts. It is

wonderful thing when you can live in harmony with both views and that is what I strive

for at Making Statements `N Style.

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower

them to create their own legacy?

First, dare to be the woman you are. When thing get tough you persevere, let nothing

or no one dim your light. Choose kindness and your dignity when there is chaos in your

life. Always follow your dreams and learn to celebrate and enjoy those who are different

from you, because in the process you may learn something more valuable than gold.

Second, I believe everyone wants the opportunity to live to the best of their abilities.

o have the freedom to choose, to be respected and honored by one another. We must

show human kindness and dignity towards one another no matter who or where he or

she came from or their socioeconomic status it is our choice alone. For we must always

remember where we came from.

For more information, Cassandra can be reached at Making Statements `N Style.

www.makingstatementsnstyle.com * (510) 841-6800 or (510) 755-5903

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