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fitting is right, it can end up flattering her petite figure.

Myth 3: Mixing bright colors is a disaster

Fact: Mixing bright colors can look quite chic and trendy if worn right. The key is to keep your accessories and make up minimal.

Myth 4: Sequins can only be worn during the day.

Fact: Sequin can easily be worn during the day. The shimmering embroidery looks glamourous and trendy and can be donned at any hour of the day.

Myth 5: Full figure women should stay away from bold prints

Fact: Full figure women can wear prints and bold strips just make sure they are balanced and in proportion. The key is to find the right width and to make sure the strips are not too close.

Myth 6: No color clashing or mixing accessories

Fact: You should match the clothes you’re wearing with your accessories or shoes. For so long people have believed that the colors must be in harmony. This myth is about to be busted so you should play with color and you if you love both gold and silver you can always mix them and wear them together.

Myth 7: You can’t mix prints and patterns

Fact: So many people think you should wear prints with plain one-color pair ups and never mix prints and pattern. Once upon a time this was a true statement. However, the time has come to do away with this myth. Today you can mix prints and look totally gorgeous. First, start your prints and pattern mix idea with a few ways of how you would like to wear them. Remember, practice makes perfect. Practice at home trying on various patterns and prints, mixing in front of a mirror. Be creative, that is how you will learn how to master the art of patterns and prints mixing.

Myth 8: Glasses are not sexy

Fact: As a stylist who has a few clients who wear glasses, I can tell you this is a myth that has haunted many girls. It is a breath of fresh air to be able to put this myth to rest. Women need to realize sexy is not defined by the outer appearance only or not wearing glasses Ladies, get yourself a good pair of glasses and don't be afraid to wear them. Start enjoying the beautiful view

that is right in front of you.

~Why is this work important to you?

I have many success stories but the one that comes to mind is about a woman (who later became my client) who was going to President Obama’s Inauguration in January 2009 and needed a special dress to wear for this momentous occasion. She had searched for over six months, to no avail for the prefect dress, she confided in me. I met her at was at the Kwanzaa Festival where I had set up a booth to sell women apparel and accessories. She stopped at my booth she began to tell me about her plight and I suggested she look at this gorgeous designer dress I had hanging to the left of where she had approached my booth. I knew already if she liked the style it would fit her, she looked to be a size 10. Down came the dress, all you could hear was this loud screeching sound and then a loud YES! I found it!! This is what I’ve been looking for. I knew I would know it when I seen it, this is it! I don’t care how much it cost I want it, and it’s my size, can I try it on?

It fit her perfectly like it was made just for her. She looked beautiful at President Obama’s Inauguration. I was proud to be of service, bringing joy and happiness making someone else day a little brighter.

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