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Our true power as women derives from our innate qualities as life-givers, nurturers, cultivators, caretakers. Fortunately, the voice, visibility and influence of women is rising throughout the world. Women will no longer be silenced, play small or diminish our brilliance. Now is the pivotal time for us to lead, empower and co-create. Indeed, we are creating and becoming the change we want to see for ourselves, our sisters, daughters and granddaughters.

In this context, what does it mean to prosper and thrive? Thriving means to:

1. Live your Soul’s Calling doing what you most love

2. Articulate your vision, commitment, intention or goal

3. Make self-love and self-care a priority

4. Maintain vibrant health in body, spirit and soul

5. Cultivate your spiritual roots and prosperity mindset

6. Follow your heart and intuition

7. Exercise your creativity, imagination and resourcefulness

8. Create quality time for rest, replenishment and rejuvenation

9. Nurture supportive family, business and professional relationships

10. Steward your financial rewards responsibly

What does it take for you to prosper and thrive in these times?

Given that we are evolving a new paradigm of feminine leadership and influence, it’s even more essential that you demonstrate who you are and what you do; not only for your community, business or organization, but for the world. In this regard, I offer three suggestions to up-

level your impact now and for the future:

1. Develop your expertise and mastery, so that you’re known as the “go to” person.

Work with an accomplished coach or mastermind group, that will continually challenge you, support you to function beyond your comfort zone,

outside the box and hold you accountable to your vision and intentions.

2. Build on your natural capacity to cultivate relationships, network and cooperate based on shared interests.

Collaborate, co-create or partner with conscious entrepreneurs or organizations who bring complementary skills or resources to what you provide. Developing the collaboration, clarifying the goal and delineating roles may take a while. However, the potential to manifest your vision or achieve your goal is exponentially greater when you maximize your skills and connections, organize and move forward together.

Each One, Teach One through mentorship and sponsorship.

Identify a local organization that promotes girl’s development and training. Offer to conduct a workshop on financial literacy, starting your own business, finding your purpose. Conduct a field-trip of mutual interest, or sponsor a girl’s sports team. Be prepared to mentor one girl or small group of girls in your area of expertise. This kind of “giving-back” is invaluable for you and a potential game-changer for the girls you influence and inspire.

Now is the most potent time to exercise your woman power and thrive individually, collectively, globally. I’m all in. Are you?

Use Your Power to Prosper and Thrive

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