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endeavor landed in your inbox for a reason, you would not have been chosen if you were not capable of doing it. Be persistent about finding your own method. And experiment with systems, which brings me to the next point.

Learning Mindset

All creative endeavors come with challenges and learning. The purpose of experimentation

is to explore possibilities. Sometimes our

experiments don’t work and sometimes

they do and the point is we learn and grow. The Universe loves experiments. Look at all the weird and wonderful creatures and life on this planet. It shows you the amazing beauty of experiments. And yes, some of them are outlandish, and isn’t that wonderful.

My creative life is full of experiments. Some worked, some failed and some led to wonderful results I never could have imagined. I think this is also testament to the fact that I am not working alone. Divine inspiration is always present (if I attune myself) to guide me along the way.

Curiosity is food for creatives. Be curious about your process, be curious about stray thoughts, be curious about your emotions (this is also a great practice for writing compelling stories) be curious about mistakes. Try new things.

Persistence and Learning Grows Skills

Creativity is not skill. Skills take time, learning and experimentation to grow. If you are less skilled now, or just starting, continue to be persistent and experiment you will learn. Your skills will grow, feeding new life into your creativity. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking only “specially gifted” folks can be artists, writers or entrepreneurs.

We thrive when we persist with our creative endeavors. Completing them is motivation for more growth and inspiration. After a project is completed,

it’s important to take time to honor our accomplishment. Driving ourselves can lead to losing touch with our muse. Inspiration needs time to gestate. In the meantime, you can mine the completed creative endeavor for all the learning you couldn’t see in the midst of doing it. This is a great way to up-level your learning. Ask yourself the following questions:

• What surprised me about this creative


• What am I most proud of with this


• What roadblocks did I overcome and

how did I overcome them?

• What would I do differently if I did it


You are a creative genius, own it!

Maura McCarley Torkildson, The

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