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So in this case, I put on some really fun music while I was driving to meet my tenant. Instead of thinking, “Oh god, here we go again. Another complaint from a tenant,” I thought, “I'm really excited to see Jennifer. I know everything will be fine. I always get things worked out well.”

So remember that you have control over how happy you feel. This week, make a list of some of the things you can do to intentionally make yourself feel good. That way

whenever you start to feel upset or stressed out, look at the list and do one of those things. If you have a list ready, you don't have to try to remember something when you are in the middle feeling bad. As you do this little activity, whatever it is, change how you're thinking slightly to turn it from negative to neutral, or even


The more you are able to do this, the more consistently blissful you will be. And being blissful will set you up to thrive in all areas of your life!

Living a creative life is exhilarating and it can also be overwhelming at times. When I get overwhelmed, I am typically worried about not working fast enough. I learned I can shift by focusing on the longer view, on persistence rather than speed, and on the learning as I persist. With this perspective, I know I am thriving, even when I fail.


One secret about accomplishing any creative endeavor is persistence; that means showing up over and over again, even when it’s not comfortable. We get fooled into thinking the first moments of inspiration are enough to sustain a project or we can fall into the trap of thinking if things don’t automatically flow, they are not meant to happen.

The initial inspiration is just the spark. We stoke the spark into a flame with persistence. It may stutter sometimes and burn brightly others. Don’t lose sleep over it, or allow that disappointment, rejection

or mistake to stop you, and don’t compare yourself to others. Disappointment is part of the process, but keep moving forward and be tenacious about it.

There are many “systems” out there for creating and sustaining endeavors. I suggest you take what works for you and drop the rest. Someone else’s system is never going to completely match your make up or your lifestyle. When we try

systems that doesn’t work for us, we can convince ourselves we are just not capable, or we are uniquely challenged or just plain lazy. Hogwash! This creative endeavor landed in your inbox for a reason, you would not have been chosen if you were not capable of doing it. Be persistent about finding your own method. And experiment with systems, which brings me to the next point.

Learning Mindset

All creative endeavors come with challenges and learning. The purpose of experimentation is to explore possibilities. Sometimes our experiments don’t work and sometimes they do and the point is we learn and grow. The Universe loves experiments. Look at all the weird and wonderful creatures and life on this planet. It shows you the amazing beauty of experiments. And yes, some of them are outlandish, and isn’t that wonderful.

My creative life is full of experiments.

Persistence and Learning How Thrive is Built

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