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This issue we are focused on how to keep moving forward no matter what, being mindful of what we are planting in our lives and businesses so we can build and grow the things that truly matters! Our heart-centered columnists and experts have provided powerful articles to

support you to step forward with great purpose. We hope you enjoy their powerful articles, insights, positive programs, tips, and encouragement.

Listed below, please find some highlights of what you will find on the pages of this issue: we are sharing, celebrating, and announcing along with the powerful articles we always share to support you in your efforts to live on purpose and with great purpose:

We are celebrating the expansion of the RHG TV Network™ and have several exciting updates to share! Make sure to check out the TV Guide information in this issue that will share a little bit about each channel, their shows, and when to tune in to enjoy your favorite shows. Our network allows you free access to our shows (both television and podcast shows; both previously released and current, new releases) 24 hours a day. This gives you the ability to play shows on demand when it works best for your lifestyle! We are excited about all the new programs joining us!

We have added more powerful writers and a special expert spotlight/highlight series to bring additional experts and powerful leaders to you! We hope you enjoy getting to know our featured experts, leaders, and writers from around the world.

I’m excited to share with you and celebrate that we have expanded our publishing arm to now support individual authors in bringing their books to life. You will find a special section in our magazine announcing


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Welcome to our Spring Forward, April 2018 Issue of our RHG Magazine & TV GuideTM!