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Soul Purpose Advocate Nancy Monson, MA, MBA, CPCC and founder of Everyday Spirituality, brings a host of skills,

talents, wisdom and a lifetime of transformative

experiences to guide those ready to live their soul’s purpose every day. To learn more about Nancy and her

work go to www.EverydaySpirituality.com

fundamentally unsure of who we are and our innate value. This stems from not being fully seen by our primary caregivers, which in most cases are our parents. This comes from their own core wounds of not being totally recognized and celebrated for who they are by their parents. So goes the trans-generational pattern of not being affirmed of our authentic selves as children.

Even with the best of intentions, our caregivers molded us into who they thought we should be, unconsciously creating a fundamental internal split between who we truly are and who we were reinforced to be. This split creates doubt in our innate worthiness, setting us up for our core belief of not being good enough.

The feeling that we are not good enough locks us into continually seeking external validation to prove our worth instead of embracing our innate value. We do this in many ways. Striving to excel in school or in our work. Amassing the right things—a car, house, and lifestyle. Diving into adventure or intense experiences. Looking or dressing a certain way. Seeking the perfect relationship or family.

But in the end, it’s never “good enough.”

Our relationships never quite measure up; the job never quite brings the fulfillment we seek; our adventures become more and more daring in the hopes of capturing that fleeting feeling of fulfillment.

Without facing our self-doubt and healing the split, we cut ourselves off from the possibility of true fulfillment-- the fullest expression of our unique gifts and life purpose. We deny the birth of the potential in our soul—who we were born to be.

It is through the process of developing self-love that you shed your self-criticism, the “shoulds,” and judgments that limit your potential and your joy.

If you are ready to let go of your self-doubt, I offer this practice to cultivate more self- acceptance and self-love. Stand in front of a mirror each morning, look softly into your eyes, and say the following out loud three times, slowly and with a smile of friendship on your face.

"You are lovable. You are worthy of love. You are a good enough, just as you are.

You have a right to live your unique and Divine self. I love you."

Over time this daily practice, particularly first thing in the morning, will cultivate a new mental pattern-- one that will generate feelings of acceptance and freedom.

For me it has been a tremendous affirmation to transform from a timid young woman filled with so much self-doubt that I dared

never make a decision myself, to a successful entrepreneur helping free others from self-doubt and judgment.

Embracing self-love is worth the journey. As you release layer upon layer of judgment, self-criticism and self-doubt, your joy will increase, your relationships will transform, and your life will take on a sweeter fragrance. It will be no less than the unfolding of your soul's true essence shining brightly.