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Have you ever tried to Google the word “hospitality?” Yeah. Me neither. Until I was preparing to teach a group of young moms on the subject a few weeks ago.

Do you want to know what I found? When you Google hospitality, the search brings up entry after entry about hotel and restaurant management. In the first five pages of my Google search, I only found two blog articles about hospitality as a way of life – and one of them was really about DIY home decorating even though hospitality was in the title.

Does that feel a little “off” to you like it does to me? Like maybe we’ve abdicated and left hospitality to a bunch of corporations? Like it’s an industry? Instead of a disposition of warmth and openness and invitation. I mean, I like a good restaurant as much as anyone. Good food and good service are a delight. But, in the end, I realize that the hostess is doing a job. Even if she’s super sweet and genuine. More often than not, she doesn’t actually want to know “how are you today?” She’s probably asked 50 other people the same question and she actually can’t take the time to listen to a real answer because someone else just walked in the door behind me and she needs to seat them too. I’m not mad at her for this. It’s just the way of it. There’s a 20-minute wait afterall. What can she do?

That’s a lot different than being welcomed into a home and seeing that your host has prepared something special just for you. A candle is lit and delightful scents are wafting from her small kitchen. A cat pads by and you hear her husband yell in from out back by the grill. She’s made it a fun meal – homemade pizzas on the grill – so that everyone can talk and relax as they put their pizza together. Even your kids are able to settle into comfortable conversation. As you round the bend in the counter to add your mozzarella, you see her huge stash of tea. “Oh, you love tea too? Where do you find loose tea? I can’t find it anywhere.” “Oh, let me make you a cup. Here, pick one that sounds good.” And, so it begins. The invitation to dinner has become an invitation in. Something as simple as cans of tea on a shelf has connected two hearts.

Can’t you just feel the difference? I’m glad there are good hotels and restaurants in the world. I really am. I just think we should bring hospitality back home a bit more. Where the invitation is not a duty of the job; but a delight of the heart.

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Cultivating Hospitality: Can it Help You Thrive?

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