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The Secret of the Hyacinths – and YOUR Road to a New Life, Too!

At first, there was nothing but bare earth. Then, the tiniest imaginable spot of green. Two weeks later, flowers are blossoming through the half-frozen ground.

It’s spring. After months of resting and incubating, Nature is ready to come alive again. As the green world bursts with energy and furious growth, it’s also time for you to break out of all the half-frozen prisons of an ordinary life and burst into your own flower.

With all our electronic toys, it’s easy to lose touch with what is deeper and more elemental in life – the life that sleeps through winter. To sleep, perchance to dream. What dream has lain dormant through your own personal winter? It could be a grand dream like a better job or new career, or a seemingly smaller one like embracing more joy through hobbies? NO dream is more meaningful than another, because all are reflections of our souls, our True Selves.

How do you get in touch with this soul that knows what your dreams are? The easier, but slower, method is coaching. You can clear your mental chatter with regular – it needs to be regular! – meditation, along with daily exercise, time communing with the green world, 7+ hours of sleep and a healthy diet.

Convinced that you “can’t meditate” because you can’t sit still? Let me challenge you!

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For the fastest, permanent results, you need a complete program, utilizing the deep mental cleansing and healing of my expert hypnotherapy to transform yourself, to shift and eliminate beliefs and conclusions that “make sense” after disappointments, betrayals, struggles or trauma.

Check out Anne O’Quinn’s video testimonial (www.soaringdragon.biz) of the power of hypnotherapy. In only 6 sessions, she came alive to a completely new mental, emotional and material world. The barriers are falling, her hyacinths are breaking through the frozen earth, she is reborn. And she is not by any means an outlier. My expert hypnotherapy has transformed hundreds of lives over the past decade and a half. All programs combine coaching, hypnotherapy and training in other lifelong tools, customized for your specific goal.

The time has come to stop being held back by preventable barriers! It’s time to spring