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Mary E. Knippel, best selling author, your writing mentor, and inspirational speaker uses her 30-years experience as a journalist to support you to take pen in hand to unleash your story worth writing. Find her at www.yourwritingmentor.com.

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journal for 15-minutes and take dictation from your soul. Put the whispers of your heart on paper and watch your dreams become reality. The pages of your journal can help you track what’s working in your life and where you may make changes working towards your goals. My journal is the source of everything I’ve accomplished personally and professionally. Your journal can be a trusted resource for you as well.

Keep your eyes on the goal.

Thomas Edison was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive,” and went on to make 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before inventing the light bulb.

As a writer, I know I have to keep showing up on the page. My goal is to have an impact through my writing, first on myself and on the world. Yes, not everyone feels they are a writer, however, there is something you feel called to do with your life. A longing that no matter how hard you try, it does not go away.

My persistence has paid off because you are reading my words right now.

What do you keep returning to that you are so close to accomplishing? I believe you share that same spark of faith and confidence with Edison that what you dream of is possible. Keep showing up to...(you fill in the blank).

Take the wisdom from your life experiences and grow from them. They are meant to teach you something and mold us into who we are meant to be when you allow yourself time and grace.

Recognize the synchronicity of life events…nothing happens for NO reason. Everything has significance.

I’ve used all of my own advice to live the life I have today. I offer them as a suggestion

for you to go beyond survive to thrive; to flourish you

shine. Keep showing up for yourself. You make the decision to rewrite your story. Face the world with grace and grit! Yes, there are pits in life. There are also lots of cherries. Enjoy the cherries!