rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 60

I slip away, my ruler fading, slipping, shading Deeply in unseen, The echoes of a cafe lost amidst a sultry, smoky sheen … To where my Picasso dreams these haunting moods these years telescoping into Gently sighing walls, their light dancing these Pontilated Premises, Peering Palefully through Cubic women and languid animal dreams This broken clay blur that makes me edgeless Seeping into this frame, removed from anchors maps and motion … the tyranny of same The airless, gasping, grasping spectacle of this vacuum of words made obsolete made indiscrete their shapes revolving, dissolving in color that defies rhyme ignores time and makes its peace with the randomness of thought I was taught This ought not be the case That magic had its secret past and mystery its place. There are no reasons in this light I can sleep a sleep of almost and never quite … and still be happy in this second sight But still I embrace this canvas sky these stars and moon these shapes that cry … and only knowing That I'll leave far, far too soon This … my Picasso in the Cloudy Afternoon