rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 45

Gracie Kendal has built sculptures and many different art forms in the past, and has now taken on a new project located at the Linden Endowment for the Art sim 22. Kendal is an accomplished artist, and uses many different art forms to express her creations. She describes herself as an Artist, publicist, influencer, body acceptance advocate, and eternal optimist navigating the Universe in a wibbly-wobbly, timeywimey sort of way. “A friend said that as an artist, you have to use whatever tools you have available to communicate your idea. As an artist, I first started painting, thinking that was my outlet. Then I found Second Life, which allowed me to expand my toolbox of expression,” she said. Her work has spanned eight years in Second Life and each time it’s a new opportunity to build and create. “I am still learning AND re-learning. I am not in SL as much as I used to be, so when I log in, I have to remember where the ‘build’ feature is. OK, it isn’t THAT bad,” she replies. “Really, it’s like riding a bicycle. I actually don’t build too much. If I need something extensive, I normally ask friends to help. Nickola Martynov is one of my great friends and she is an amazing builder and scripter. I do try to do things on my own, but sometimes time just doesn’t allow it.” Her work in LEA22 called BLOOM | A Virtual Kaleidoscope is an immersive installation and is viewer participatory. “In both worlds I am a new media, performance artist and painter. I wanted to create a world that emulates my colorful realistic abstract paintings. I wanted the viewer to be immersed in them, whether as their avatar or through their computer screen.” Her work uses much of the free objects available in SL that are “painted” and placed along a tall winding upward walkway. “This was an installation that the avatar could float through for hours on end in blissful meditation. Rather than floating though, I am sticking with the rules that there is a no fly zone and Avatars have to walk through it,” she says of her work. It is a re-creation of a previous installation by the same name. You can see the original installation in a video that Fuschia Nightfire created at . The work is astoundingly colorful and bright. Starting at the bottom or top doesn’t matter as one walks the pathway, and you are immersed in color either way. Kendal tells me, “I am actually very interested in blurring the line between the virtual and the physical worlds. I love using Second Life as that tool, as a medium in real life. I don’t see a distinction. The work I create in Second Life I imagine bringing into the real