rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 42

larly as artists. The build is not meant to express the theory of the amplituhedron in exact ways, but as a more poetic expression of this thought.” I was struck by the uniqueness of the idea of gems falling from faucets. The diamonds and colors are striking. The sound is crisp and distinct. Misprint told me “the snow was melting off the roof of my car as I was parked, and the droplets were so mesmerizing, that the sun melting was really enjoyable and gave a sense of hope! It was so beautiful and I got the angle just so, to make it flicker over the sun like a signal. It felt really nice to capture that little moment and, somehow to me, that plays into the narrative here about what energizes, what powers things, and also maybe a little magic?” Part of the idea for this build came to Misprint from different video games. In addition, there is a giant champagne bottle. Misprint said that it was a “Kim Kardashian spoof pose and gift.” She