rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 40

isprint Thursday, the creative artist behind Amplituhedron located at Linden Endowment for the Arts sim 25, has been in Second Life around seven and one-half years and has worked with everyone from Bryn Oh to, well, whomever is in art in SL. This is her third LEA build. She has been in the Caerleon collective with Bryn Oh and was part of her cubes at LEA and among other things, curated AM Radio. Her collection of work consists of shows at the University of Western Australia art exhibit, including Transcending the Bomb, UWA – Freedom Project, Takatsubo – What Makes Us Human, UWA Winthrop – Paranormal Frottage, and UWA Winthrop – Digital Glove. Amplituhedron is a combination of sev- en areas within the sim. She describes it as “a metaphor for curiosity of the unknown. My build is based on a few intertwined ideas: gem-based game ideas, some of the ideas presented in this article , as well as an interpretation of experiences in Second Life. The viewing platform is the place where my "virtual amplituhedron" lives. It is from there that this jewel-like rain comes down. It is this very curiosity which feeds our desire to create, share, build, grow and change, particu-