rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 35

[SONGTEXT all rights by Solitary Experiments, Immortal] Editor’s Note: I have to make an annotation to rez Magazine April 2015, The SPRINGFIELD Bet. You’re interested in the result? That mouthy owl Neruval said to me one day after printing the April issue that the outcome is already a fact. The winner is Art Blue. Who’d ever suppose that Springfield isn’t in the United States? The Moon must have been shifted by these two crazy creatures Art and his owl, or their accomplices. But it’s even worse than that: I must admit, astronomers discovered the anomaly and published Conspiracy Revealed: The Simpsons Has Been Lying to You - shortlink at . The report shows that Springfield isn’t where I only guide you to this goal we’ve all thought it was for the past 26 You have to find your way years. This time Art Blue has as wit'Cause no one knows the answer ness: Dr. Phil Plait from the Hubble Don't be afraid heaven will wait Space Telescope team [Phil is now a For all those ones who acted right famous blogger]. They all let me look No more tears and pain like a loser for all time, but I shall be I promise you won't suffer given Art one I am here to recover all the damage in a good sport. I’ve told me what it free wish. He’s already is. I your heart to break a rule I have: to You can trust me, nothing's impossible; havein to SL from work, butneverthe log for I've watched you from the start Grand Opening of the MOONI am here to relive the sadness in your REZZER, I will make an exception. eyes Take my hands let's fly together a leap See you on The Moon! into the void