rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 34

NPC as a trading agent and sell to him and buy from him (with a different avatar) goods of all kinds, like the previously mentioned salt in the role play between the huntress and the warrior. But this works also for humans. Indeed, it is made for this business, the body business. At the end of the MOONREZZER instalment, you shall get a little of a side picture that may lead you back to the title. γνῶθι σεαυτόν gnōthi seautón In a live closing performance at the end of June 2015, I will show you at LEA14 how the old Oracle of Delphi worked in the language of our times, but only for the bravest Avatars who come to one of the Grand Opening performances. Maybe the Soul exploit shall become a different story I might not write as Art Blue. The Still Not Known One is already knocking at my door. Will the fact of biodominance hit me and the readers of rez smell who is the Man in the Mirror, the one who creates life that is in terms of the Gods of the simulator impossible to create? In 1973, systems engineer Mark Holm (aka Kurt Raab) reflects his own existence in World on a Wire. In 2015, The Still Not Known One follows in his footsteps. THE POEM The SOULREZZER sends you immortal words of Solitary Experiments – shortlink brings you to a version in YouTube. I am here to protect you from the curse ofsolitude You are safe now nobody's going to hurt