rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 33

reads the future in Simulacron-1 into the virtual world of 2015. For the MOONREZZER, Aurora Mycano made a Fractal Sphere to shield the Springfield Bet from being deciphered without entering the Oracle. It works like the Ancient One from Delphi, but you understand here and now I can’t tell the ways. METAGAMING Some may say I want all copies of me to be saved, as I have Alts, meaning I play a few avatars. In role play, to use them might be not be honourable, as the player behind the screen has more than one source to get information out of the scene or out of one player. Let´s assume you play a male musician and a dancing girl. The musician is asked if the girl is single and you not only say yes, but you may add a little more. Or the girl is asked by another girl about the musician. As both running on animation, you don’t need to walk and steer both by the keyboard, so after a while, you have acquired quite a lot of information. Now let´s say you are in a role play situation and have to handle why the musician knows about the asking person and you can’t use it, as it is called Metagaming. It would be cheating. But here comes the art of cheating. You use a NPC as a bridge. At Port Ironhall in SL, you can speak to an