rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 32

world and then later you will step to Solaris. Listen to the words of George Clooney, and Solaris will tell you about the destination of your soul. Hear the song SOULTAKER by Blutengel and get the tunes right. Breathtaking, I promise, but not all of the brave Avatars who face the oracle may get the answer. Technological frontiers are not monolithic. We have to bend some elements, stick them together and so on. Be assured, the words of the oracle will not be shared with others. Only you see them and you may then say: true or not true. That’s all. Face the SOULREZZER and we’ll make believe we can copy you. Your beautiful mind and body will stay for eternity in the simulator. A dream comes true: you stay young forever on The Moon. One thing might be a problem and until now there is no solution: making sure there will be only one follower of you. How many copies of your body will exist and be kept alive? This is a question that is worked out in the book I’ve mentioned twice, Mindscan. I transformed the crystal ball vision from World on a Wire (1973), where Gloria Fromm (aka Barbara Valentin)