rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 30

means long emotes), you wait for five to ten minutes for the reply of the other player and in this time you can easily donate a minute to your soul. You may also copy a line of the role play to your soul to keep this conserved for a future use, to make a profile of your character, you might say. So the behaviour of the avatar gets conserved the way you see it. You see yourself role playing. For me, the art reception in digital worlds by avatars is of primary interest. The interpretation of an artwork you stand in front of and give in chat to others might be of great interest in the future, when your avatar is rezzed and shown to be an art lover. An example of such a chat line that can go to your SOULREZZER on The Moon is the gift of Met Knelstrom. The visitors are talking about the art they see and on a second round, they get to see pictures of themselves and the art they spoke about. his book the example of an offer of an animation sequence by the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life: Cross gesture: Leaning forward slightly, makes the sign of the cross, raising the right hand to the head, moving it straight down to the waist, then to the left and across the chest, ending with the hand over the heart. You surely know that dancing in SL is one of the main activities mostly embedded in life music performances. Of course, The Moon has a dance platform giving the best light show in SL. Mario2 Helstein, my neighbour at LEA 15, who is presenting Light Thoughts, has moved his machine to The Moon so he and his friend Jo Williams will do the after-party. THE BODY I shall find some flowery words about the soul to give the idea an easy go. The Let me add a line as I just finished SOULREZZER is a fun project of art, reading Williams Sims Bainbridge┬┤s not to be taken too seriously or deeply new book that I mentioned. He de- interpreted. It is all experimental as I scribes his own experience in World of posted in an iReport at cnn for a softWarcraft and in Second Life. He also ware test in opensim: http://irepoints out the realms of a personality . capture: motion capture, facial expression, speech recognition - - all parts of Google, VISA, MasterCard, Facebook the personality. What specifically made and Skype know more about you than me smile was his idea of capturing the the SOULREZZER will ever know. animations that a user combines, cre- Many people enjoy the daily horoscope ates or offers to others. He printed in and I like when my editor claims for