rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 29

And my owl whispers in my ears, “Be honest. You loved it, as now you can set an intermission. Matt Groening created both the Simpsons and Futurama and you won the Springfield bet. Time to let the readers know where Springfield is.” You have to meet Homer and click on The Moon he holds in his hand to get the truth about Springfield. BAINBRIDGE The SOULREZZER shall get a copy of you, not just based on some of your silly lines of chat you made. The artifiSPRINGFIELD cial soul shall be based on science, hard In last month’s issue of rez, there is a science. I use the Bainbridge profile dechapter about SPRINGFIELD and it is veloped in 1996 [Explore: Self and Year said that this city is not in the United 2100] by Prof. William Sims BainStates, as the position of The Moon bridge, first in total published in 2008 does not fit if you look up into the sky. [Explore: Self, Year 2100, and EmoEngineers have given proof that indeed tions]. The software was for download in my server, in my computer, Spring- at in the web until Septemfield is somewhere in Europe or Asia, ber 2014. I made a backup years ago. not in the United States. I say my posi- Recently I contacted Prof. Bainbridge, tion of Springfield is a correct copy of who is actually director of the National the location of the home of the Science Foundation, and I got to my Simpsons. The Simpsons are not surprise an update that is now pubAmericans! And the bet was about lished as a part of his book Personality whether I could manage to turn the Capture and Emulation at Springer Scimoon to fit reality or whether Jami ence [2014]. So I have now a state-ofMills, the publisher of rez Magazine, the-art tool to upload your avatar into would have to admit that Springfield is the SOULREZZER, to rez your soul in not in the United States. This gives me the future. All you have to do is to buy two options to win: I turn the earth the SOULREZZER for 1 Linden and moon or I show that the beloved wear it. You send your answer to a Simpsons actually live outside the question the SOULREZZER prim is United States. Can virtual worlds asking via chat on channel /42xxx. change the real world? Or must the Americans rewrite history? For this You can set the time: each hour a quesyou have to visit LEA14 and take the tion or randomly or when you idle and challenge to visit the SOULREZZER. wait for a reply in a running RP or adThe Simpsons don’t do it for less than hoc. You catch the idea? In role play, your soul. I am sure you understand. especially when it is a para-RP (which