rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 28

Schwitters work in Hanover in about 1920. The just-mentioned Carry McBains in the gallery was in reality an NPC. She, yes I say she, not it, became the design of the 12 Moonholders. I made a female and a male version for The Moon using the skin I got from Cherry Manga, the designer of Carry McBains. Cherry is one of the pioneers of 3D in opensim. She works as an artist in Francogrid. is powered by Association Francogrid in Chaumont, France and the foundation got tax-exempt status granted by pre- fecture de Saint-Julien-en-Genevois. Donations are happily welcomed. A copy of the MOONREZZER stays after the Linden grant has ended in July 2015 in Francogrid at sim Futurama to be uploaded on demand. I did not claim the name Futurama. Wizard Gynoid, co-founder of the Hypergrid Safari, set the name in place. I told her that the weekly Safari meeting may stop by to watch a performance in my new sim Futurelab in Francogrid, but Wizard posted in Facebook “We are invited to Art Blue´s Futurama,