rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 26

Delphi, a Fractal Oracle. There the Dark Side of The Moon gift by Tuty´s waits for you to shield your face from being burned by the Annoying Light, which is for the regular readers of rez known as the most famous light in the Draft Universe. SOULREZZER To rez your current avatar soul in the future, it needs an input, to capture your soul let’s say. Virtual worlds where UCC is made look as if it were meant for such a purpose. These realms are for chat-based role play activities [RPworlds]. You write, you type. All the dialogue with other players goes via keyboard. Even the emotes. Let me give you an example. You play a fierce forest woman with a bow and a spear to hunt in the woods for food for you and yours sisters. Then a hunter comes and wants your prey or even hunts you as his prey. So a dialogue might be: Huntress hears a loud crack and stops moving, silently drawing her bow. On high alert, she sees a male hunter stepping out from the darkness of the woods into a glade. She makes the sound of an owl, a sequence known to her sisters to warn them of an intruder. The hunter shouts “I know you are there. This is your hunting ground. You can´t fool me by the sounds of a forest owl. I stand in the light. I want to trade with you.” The huntress growls as she approaches the man, muttering with her grimy face a short “Cal,” and pointing at his bow. “Drop it! You are on my land.” The hunter replies, “I will drop my bow, but my sword I keep in hand, the weapon of the warrior. I am Callimachus of Woodlands,” and after a short pause, he says, “I stand in the light.” The huntress has to admit to herself that this man knows the tales of Calyptica, of the first meeting of a forest woman with a warrior, she can no longer shoot him in his ass, as bravery exists in all roles, even those of the hated males. So she says, “Aye. I am Red, Tor of the Sa Ta Ko tribe. What you want, man?” The hunter simply replies, “I have salt.” Such role play may last for hours and build up a whole world of content. This time not of prims and sculpts. After a while, you see the soul of the player behind the avatar. After about 10 years of work in such realms, I can assure you that each player has a way of expressing himself or herself in a unique way that can’t be camouflaged for long. I am a trainer for the Ned Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and questions of personal thinking preferences have