rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 25

their muscles with electric signals in lieu of exercising. You may have seen the movie Avatar [by James Cameron, 2009], which focused public attention on the idea of transferring the human mind into an artificial body. You may not know that in the movie World on a Wire [by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1973, re-mastered in 2010, shown at Berlinale in 2010, at MoMa in 2012, and on Turner Classic Movies since 2014], avatars felt life in them and therefore feared being deleted. They were called Identity-Units. It’s quite fascinating that we now call them UUIDs - universally unique identifiers. Look at the still picture of 1973 where Fred Stiller (aka Klaus Löwitsch) enters the virtual world. You may smile at the phone that was state of the art at this time in telecommunication. Data from the human brain was supposed to go via phone-modems into the computer providing the home for the IdentityUnits. In 30 years, let’s say 2047 (so I might have a chance to follow), the SOULREZZER will take us to the stars - shortlink . At this time, when the vision of World on a Wire has become a reality, there shall be others to care about art made in the upcoming past. I am an archivist. I care for you. I do the conservation raw and pure for all the UCC here and now. So I want to archive you, you the user, as well. I’m not talking about a mindscan. I have to admit I’m too late to claim credit for the concept of mindscanning - - bringing it to a working picture. The credit goes instead to Robert J. Sawyer, who wrote the novel Mindscan in 2005, a must-read book about virtual life and death. You’ll find an upload of a human mind into a machine, all packed in a love story and a law suit. There are others as well to credit in the field of informatics, who wrote about Digital Immortality by a personality capture [Gordon Bell and Jim Gray, 2010 - shortlink imm ] My job is to let the user, your avatar, achieve immortality - - a life full of your thoughts, your dreams, your attitudes, your values. I don’t do mindscans, as this is old news. I do Avatar scans. I get your character written in stone - - in modern terminology, engraved in bits and bytes, the way your character is meant to be there. You might say I conserve your soul. Your followers may activate this soul and let you stroll around, visiting art on The Moon, invite you to talk shows where you are asked as a contemporary witness how things have been in the time when the MOONREZZER was built as one of the last showings of UCC made in prim and sculpts, and when the first SOULREZZER was launched.