rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 24

ll the art on The Moon would become meaningless if you are unable to enjoy it in your future. Why is this so? The art on The Moon is of a special kind. There is still no good name for it. There never is when a new form of art is born. Later, names, classifications and words will arise, like “This primset looks similar to The Rabbicorn, an early work of Bryn Oh,” and questions like “Is this really a codeart of Neo Prim? It looks so completely different.” Answers like “No, it is made by the Still Not Known One” will give room for talks, endless talks, in the simulator. For now, we are stuck with the term “user created content” [UCC]. So UCC it shall be. All art on The Moon is UCC. You are a user and UCC was made by you for you. My intention is to give you the chance to enjoy UCC forever, to walk and zoom inside the 3D environment where it was created. You need an avatar steered by mouse and keyboard. The result will be interactive immersive. That’s why I call this form of art IMMERSIVIA. I don’t care for the type of users of the future in their body suits with mesh wire sensors, where their actions and emotes bring direct feedback with suit embedded vibrations - - where they stimulate