rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 19

sisters danced and who therefore controlled their primary source of Lindens. two sets of prints on it, our victim’s and Sedona Mills’. It appeared our victim had a serious gambling habit combined with a love of Lindens supported with "Exotic" behaviors. Most importantly of all, we had L$25,000 in the bank, whether we solved this case or not! More if we could manage to drag it out for a couple of months. We had a posse of jealous lovers, at least one of which had said "If I can't have her, ain't no one gonna have her. I'll kill her first!" Due to all those damned banana peels, so far we had no reliable eye witnesses to our crime and not even a reliable list of who was at the dance just prior to the death. We had a murder weapon with only At this point, there could be no doubt at all that solving this case was gonna take a least a month and hike up the bill to the tune of a marathon of Lindens! I suspect we will know more on this next month. Until then, remember in SL it’s always about the shoes - - and keep yours ON! (... to be continued)