rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 18

Making eye contact with Sedona, Friday asked the critical question: "Did you attack Twoshoes, or know anyone who might have done this?" Ms. Mills did not waver at all as I watched her reaction to the pointed question. "Like I said, I didn’t have anything to do with that kinky Twoshoes, and while there were banana peels everywhere, all I can remember is that sea of slippery peels pulsing across that dance floor! Now if you two don't mind, I have other places to be, and these feet are made for walking!" With that, she left us cooling our heels and headed out the Red House door. Friday and I figured we had all we were going to get here, and since there was still no sign of Jane Dough, we decided to head back to the office and lay out what slim facts we had. At this point we had a sky-high heel murder, but were flat-footed on the facts. Once Friday and I got back to the office, the SL sun had moved to Midnight and we sat under the yellow light of the desk lamp and organized our thoughts. ******* We had a dead avatar, most probably spiked through the heart with one of Sedona Mills’ black patent leather BAX heels, although the ME had not yet ruled out accidental death for some reason (?) We had two sisters, one alive and one in the morgue - - both exotic dancers, with not a lot of sisterly love lost between them apparently, and both with a love of expensive shoes. We had a missing father not seen in m