rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 17

cussion with Friday once we got back to the office and could talk. Then I sauntered over to join Friday and Ms. Mills at a corner table. Pulling up a chair, I tried to catch up with the conversation. Sedona was saying, "Well, I hardly knew Goody. Sure, our paths had crossed a few times at Mojo and a few of the other clubs. As to what she was doing … ummm… "wearing" my best boots, well that is quite beyond me to comprehend. I don't share my in"Another thing was all the men. Goody ventory with anybody, and I certainly ruled over a stable of guys who don't go around losing BAX boots! The dreamed of getting their shoes under only way someone could have gotten her bed, if you get my drift. Just last me out of those is on a dare. Yeah, I adweek I had to toss a couple of them out mit it. I’ve been known to shed the octhe back when they went at it over her. casional article of clothing on a dare. Come to think of it, I heard one yell, "If Hmmmm ... as I recall there were a I can't have her, ain't no one gonna couple of dancers there last Friday have her. I'll kill her first!" Anyway, too night egging me on so I might have bad she's gone. Gonna miss that slipped out of those spikes … Ok, Ok, Cinderella princess." I'll admit I have been known to be seen Goody showed up around here. Jane worked all hours pole dancing, and you could say she worked her butt off. All that dancing and yet she never saved a Linden that I know of. If her dad hadn't owned this place, I doubt she would’ve lasted as a dancer. He disappeared in an SL crash a couple months back during one of the upgrades. Haven't seen or heard of him since, come to think about it. I asked the bartender to send Jane Dough over to our table if he saw her come in, and filed all that data for dis- on Friday nights less than fully clothed from time to time … Sorry, I just can’t recall."