rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 16

nos and then follow up on the Red House and Mills leads. Not being one to tiptoe around a thorny issue, I messaged Sedona to meet me at the Red House lounge later, as I had a question about shoes and boots. Responding immediately, she let me know she would hotfoot it over and await my arrival. Flash-changing into a LBD (I love SL), I entered the first casino on my list and quickly found a dealer who recognized the profile pic I had of Goody. "Yeah, she's a regular in here," responded the dealer. "She was just in here a couple nights ago, and dropped a bundle!" He continued as he slipped cards from the shoe. "Some nights she wins a bit and some she loses big, but she is never boring and somehow always manages to land on her feet over the long run." I thanked the dealer and headed over to Red House. Sed was literally bursting out of her boots to “talk shoes” it seemed. ---///--By the time I got to the Red House Club, Friday was already there talking with Sedona Mills about how her boot had gotten "misplaced" in Ms. Twoshoes’ chest. Taking a minute to find and talk with the bartender before I joined them, I learned a lot: "Yeah, Goody was a regular dancer here back a couple years ago before she made enough to start playing the slots as some of those casinos. She made a bundle and was “too good” for us around here, I suppose. I think it got to her half-sister, Jane Dough, though. You could see it in her eyes every time