rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 15

share any of their customer info with me. Fortunately, these were BAX. So I hiked to the customer service counter of the main store where I encountered Eve, their service exec. I inquired about their boot section, where I stepped into the data I needed. The shoes, new model "Ankle Boots", patent leather black, were sold in 2015 to one Sedona Mills. Not a gift but for her personal inventory shoe box. Ms. Mills was one of their best customers, having bought over 300 pair of BAX over the years. Sedona was apparently the Imelda Marcos ofSL. I checked my messages as I left and noted the friends and picks list the PG had sent me. There it was under the "M"s ... Sedona Mills was on the list. I decided to head over to one of the casi-