rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 14

profile, and a list of the landmarks for the shopping sims, including the BAX main store. When I got back to the office, Friday and I would start to follow up, but first I had a "cold" call to make. I pulled up to the door to the ME office and wasted no time getting into Autopsy. Skinny gave me his customary glare from the door when he saw me standing over the body, still fully clothed, complete with that misplaced heel! "Bailey, get your damned potentially contaminating body away from my corpse!" came the familiar growl from the door. I stepped back and in my most pleasant gruffness inquired as to what he had so far. "Not much” was the reply. “But I can tell you this: death was caused by loss of blood from that stab wound. Probably went straight through the heart. The leather jacket contained the blood and no way to tell yet if this was intentional or an accident. Look, I'm not saying it was not murder but most bodies don't fall down on top of the murder weapon, and when I got to the scene to pick up the body, she was face down in that planter on top of the shoe. I'll know more later. Now get out and let me work!" Before Skinny could teleport me out of his autopsy with those glaring eyes, I hit the road. Time to catch up with Friday. ---///--FRIDAY'S NOTEBOOK: I could sense that this was one case that was not going to stand on its own two feet. From experience, I’ve had nights when my Bax ankle boots were killing me, but not in the literal sense. I hotfooted it over to the Bax