rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 13

speakeasy. Blondie and Fedora left, leaving their contact information. "Now what, Noir?" said Friday. She always knows how to get my attention and get to the point of the matter. Now what exactly? I considered the issues common to the loss of any life, virtual or not. "Friday, there are three common motives for any murder and this one is no exception: Murders for money or in this case Linden$, murders of passion, such as envy or jealousy, or murders revolving around sex, most commonly adultery. Suppose we begin by just getting the facts, ma'am.” “Suppose you work the murder weapon, whose was it, where was it purchased, who bought it, and how did our victim come to be… umm… ‘wearing it?’ ” I'll see what I can dig up on the background of our deceased, Ms. Twoshoes. With that, I stuck a spare Havana in my pocket, downloaded our victim’s profile and headed over to the SL Medical Examiner's Office, to see what they could tell me about the body. I wasn’t optimistic. I certainly hoped "Skinny" Shapes, the Medical Examiner, could find something in that body to give us a clue. While it was only an instant for a teleport over to the lab, I needed time to think, and Skinny needed time to chop and paste over the body. I hopped into my vintage 1958 Edsel, snarled at my iWatch for Sirius to give me the dope on Goody's profile, while I fought traffic to the forensics lab. I gotta say, I’m in love with that sultry voice crammed into that gadget: "Downloading Goody Twoshoes profile ... SL birth date November 2008, no partner, RL shows as “None of your damned business. I got one. You do too. Let's keep it that way!” Serious about SL, here to earn Linden$ and grow serious relationships across SL. Picks for Goody Twoshoes, Red House Music Hall, Chicago Sim, GOR, Lar's Place, Orgy Island, Mojo Haven, Crystal Rose Club, RUexchange, Exchange Financial Institution, Chamber Society. At that point, Sirius got a bit snippy and showed just how aware and opinionated virtual intelligence was becoming. "Her groups read like every "A"dult-rated sim in SL, spiced up with the high-end clothing spots ... humph!" Now I am just a simple gumshoe with a PG license, but I could already get a feel for this corpse we had on ice over at the autopsy table. High-end clothes, adult sims and a fetish for the Linden exchanges. Unfortunately, that still did not rule in or out any of our potential motives. As I pulled up at the lab, I glared at the iWatch again and decided to leave Sirius to her snit fit and look up the friends list myself. Now that did provide some solid leads. I messaged Friday with a few of the names off the