rez Magazine May 2015 - Page 12

Fedora began the tale in a bit more detail. "Last night, as people were leaving after the final song, Love Shack, we were cleaning up and counting tips and wondering how many people had attended." Blondie cut in, "I counted 36 during the last dance but Fedora counted 35. We usually never disagree but it was a huge crowd, and the next to last dance was Bananaphone, and it is hard to keep track when everyone is wearing banana skins." Magazine." I heard the springs of Friday's swivel chair snap to attention as she sensed Lindens coming our way. Seemed like a good idea to me as well. "And what makes you think this was a murder and not simply a SL glitch?" I asked, while my mind went into overdrive at the potential for a massive expense per-diem. Fedora continued, "I was glancing over at the planter as she told me her count, and then I saw the dead body. A female avatar we had seen once or twice before but didn’t know much about. Her mask was half off and her clothes were quite disheveled. I checked her body and Reaching into her designer handbag, my new client, and possible best friend until the Lindens run out, pulled out a black sultry ankle boot. I quickly noted the blood splatter on the heel. "We found this stabbed into her heart, Mr. Bailey. Please, can you help us?” Those baby blues bored right through my better sense. found her SL ID, Goody Twoshoes." He tossed the wallet on my desk like it was red hot and he was happy to be rid of it. "We want nothing about this to be connected to the Crystal Rose and we absolutely don't want any "official" investigation that might bring in the Lindens. We are also willing to pay whatever it takes to make this to go away and keep all the details out of rez Forcing myself to break eye contact, I cleared my throat, took a pull on the Havana, leaned back in my chair, and took the case. A thousand Lindens a day plus expenses of L$500. L$25,000 on account up front to get started. Friday made out the receipt and stashed the dough in our vintage black safe, left over from some old Chicago gangster