ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 46

monitor online activity, as well as monitor instant message conversations. • Covenant Eyes® provides Internet filtering software to block offensive websites, and control how and when the Internet is used. Covenant Eyes also has an Internet accountability service that monitors Web usage and providing reports to help families develop integrity with their online choices. • Net Nanny® provides Internet protection solutions that monitors, documents, and blocks unsafe digital content. • Safe Eyes® is a flexible set of filters and controls that allows parents to determine the amount and type of media usage that is appropriate for their child. It includes monitoring websites, iTunes, instant messages and online gaming devices. Detailed reports help parents know what children have been accessing. • Accountable2You monitors phone usage including internet and texting. One account covers all household computers, phones and tablets. • Opendns uses your router to protect every internet-connected device in your home (including devices such as the Xbox, Playstation, iPad, iPhone, etc.). Media Safety Resources • – Ever feel like your kids speak a totally different language when it comes to technology terms? provides parents with practical, easy-to-understand information about various kinds of technology so that you can talk intelligently with your kids about media. • – Focus on the Family provides lots of articles on online media, entertainment and phone usage. On the website, click on the “Parenting” tab and then “Protecting Your Family.” • – Plugged In provides reviews of movies, videos, music, TV and games so that families can make wise choices before engaging with media. Addiction Resources One of the biggest addictions heightened by the Internet is addiction to pornography. For people dealing with pornography addiction, and are recommended websites. For another good resource, as well as a ministry that offers in-patient assistance, visit An exceptional book in this area is Finally Free (by Heath Lambert). For a biblical perspective on dealing with addiction, Addiction and Grace (by Gerald May) prov Y\