ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 44

Session Six PARENT CORNER When the time came for God to rescue sinners from death, God did not send a book, a message from a robot, a movie, or any other technical solution. Instead God sent Himself in the person of Jesus. Jesus is God with skin on, and we call that the incarnation. We learn from God that a face-to-face visit and conversation is always better than anything technology can offer—any communication through a letter, phone call, text, Skype, or video. Engaging Your Child Continue the technology conversation with your child, by asking them the following questions: 1. Think about someone who lives far away from you. What does it feel like when you actually get to see that person? Is the actual visit better than Skyping or calling? Why is it so much better? 2. Are there people in your life who help you love and serve Jesus? Who are they? How might we help you develop a closer relationship with them? Parent Heart Questions 1. As a result of this study, do you find yourself praying more in difficult situations? 2. What might God be asking you to give up in “technology time” to spend more time praying? 44