ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 43

SESSION SIX Session Six #TECHTALK We live in a world that is saturated with technology. It’s tricky to navigate our way through. Here are a couple of stories that show some ways that technology can be used to have a positive impact. Story One I quickly silenced my phone – it was just my sister anyway. As I returned back to my conversation my phone suddenly jumped back to life. It was my sister again. “I better take this,” I said to my friend. Within moments of answering the call my world was upended and the future uncertain. My father had had a heart attack and it didn’t look promising. He was in surgery, but the prognosis wasn’t encouraging. Within a couple of hours I found myself behind the wheel of my car; an eight hour drive before me and the glimmer of a hope that I would get to see my dad alive one last time. Shortly into my drive I received a message. A friend had sent me a Starbucks Card eGift with the following message: “Thought you could use some “fuel” as you journey to be with family during this difficult time. Praying!” In that moment, I was reminded that God loves me and that I had Christian brothers and sisters who were praying for me. Story Two A few years ago, I started attending a new church for the first time. It was a smaller church and a couple of people in it friended me on social media. **Challenge** Pray about the technology you allow in your life and how you can use it in a positive way. Before your next technology purchase, pray and ask the Lord to help you make a wise and God-honoring decision. At that time this felt odd to me, because I had made a pretty strict guideline for myself to only be friends online with friends from “re