ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 42

Session Six MAKING IT PERSONAL While there is not a teaching session for your last meeting together as a group, it is important to take the time to consider practical steps and set up some guidelines to help you and your family live faithfully in a technological world. When is the last DISCUSSION QUESTIONS the following affir- 1. Review the five principles of technology. How has your understanding changed? • There is no place time that you have been able to make mations: I would rather be. 2. While we, as Christians, should not abstain for technology as a whole, are there any specific technologies from which we should abstain? • There is nothing I would rather do. • There is no one I would rather be 3. What are practical ways you plan to introduce technology Sabbaths into your life? with. • This I will 4. What ways do you currently use technology that need to be cut back or cut out so that you can focus on relationships? 5. How is God leading you to grow in your prayer life as a result of this series? 6. How might the insights and experience from this series affect you as you desire to be more like Christ? 7. How might this group be an encouragement to you to implement and maintain these goals and guidelines? 42 remember well. (Adapted from work done by Albert Borgmann, an American philosopher specializing in the philosophy of technology, as discussed in Living Into Focus by Arthur Boers)