ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 41

SESSION FIVE Engaging Your Child Continue the technology conversation with your child, by asking them the following questions: 1. Pick your favorite piece of technology. Now that you know technology can be good but also dangerous at the same time, what might your favorite piece of technology be trying to teach you that is wrong? For example, one thing a video game may be teaching you is that games are best enjoyed virtually instead of with real people. 2. In the fourth commandment, God instructs His people to set aside working and instead spend time worshiping Him and resting. To remind us that enjoying a relationship with God is most important, how can we set aside time away from some kinds of technology to worship God and to rest? Parent Heart Questions 1. When you hear about the impact of screen time on child development, do you tend to think that this information is helpful for someone else’s family rather than yours? 2. What might God be calling you to do to model Sabbath rest from technology for your children? 41