ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 40

Session Five PARENT CORNER “Without silence it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life” Henri Nouwen Parenting principle: HUMILITY Although as parents we are able to do a lot for our children, we cannot save them from sin and death, and that is humbling. Our children must come to this realization for themselves. Only when they realize their need for a savior will they ask God for mercy and forgiveness. Satan uses technology to tempt us to trust man’s cleverness and ingenuity. Satan also tempts us to believe that our use of technology doesn’t affect our relationship with God or others. 1. Ask your children if they have any problems or concerns with their use of technology and their relationship with God. Do you have any concerns? How might you address areas of agreement as well as areas of disagreement in your assessments? 2. As parents, do we feel pressured by society, the educational system, or our friends to always purchase the newest and best technology for our children? If we are experiencing that pressure, how do we combat it? How does humility fit into the equation? 3. For parents with tweens/teens, do you think your children are “branded,” meaning, do they choose certain types and brands of devices simply because they want to portray a certain lifestyle or image? How self-aware are they of their tendencies? How can you help them in this area? 40