ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 38

Session Five DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Discuss how abstaining from technology is not the solution to the problem. 2. Of the seven ways technology can affect people, which one stood out or spoke to you personally? What do you think God is encouraging you to do with this new information? 3. Some effects of technology are not as obvious as others. What are some examples of negative effects of technology that are obvious to you? As discussed in this series, or things you have discovered on your own, what are some effects that are not as obvious? 4. What were the four biblical solutions and why are they important? Which one do you think is most important for you? 5. Read James 4:6-10. In what ways does humility influence your view of technology? 6. What are the ways that technology is inherently limiting? How does this relate to the power of incarnation? 7. How is prayer the opposite of technology? 8. Do you see the possible danger of seeing technology as someone else’s problem rather than your own problem? 9. What step(s) can you take to increase your intimacy with Jesus? How has technology hindered your relationship with God? 10. Brainstorm some ways that can help you tackle issues regarding your reliance on technology. Discuss practical ideas for humbling oneself and limiting technology in order to remind ourselves that we belong to the Lord. 38