ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 35

SESSION FOUR Engaging Your Child: Jim highlighted several negative effects of technology. Considering asking your children these questions to help them understand those effects: 1. Technology encourages us to speak unkindly of others. What might this sound like when deciding whose turn it is to use a particular device? Or deciding who will choose a game or TV show? 2. Do you have a certain piece of technology, maybe a device or game, on your “wish list”? Why would you like it so much? If you are saving money to buy it, what would you do if you felt God leading you to give away that money? Would it be easy or hard to obey God? 3. Think of some devices or appliances that allow us to complete jobs faster (i.e. dishwasher, microwave, printer, vacuum, car). Technology can save time, but it can also cause us to expect that we never have to wait. This might overflow into how we think of God. Can you describe a time that you were impatient with God? Can you think of a time when your prayer wasn’t answered right away? How did that make you feel? Parent Heart Questions: 1. In what ways do you model to your children the idea that you should be relationally/emotionally/ mentally present when physically present with other people? 2. What sort of boundaries do you have in place to ensure that your kids have your full attention when you are physically with them? 35