ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 34

Session Four PARENT CORNER Parenting Principle: INCARNATION AND COMMUNITY As we teach our children about the nature of God’s character, we tell our children truths that show God values incarnation (Jesus means “Emmanuel,” God with us), relationship (God desires a personal relationship with each person through His son Jesus Christ), and community (the church). On the other hand, sometimes without even being aware of it, certain technologies are used to replace the importance of incarnation and relationships. 1. How does technology impact how well we truly know our young kids? Our tweens and teens? 2. Discuss both the positive and negative aspects of Skype, FaceTime, or other video conferencing options. 3. For children who have phones, what are your limits on texting/phone use in general and then around other people? 4. How can we teach children to be relationally/emotionally/mentally available when in the presence of other people? 34