ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 28

Engaging Your Child We’ve learned that technology is inherently dangerous. One reason is technology often tempts us to covet, to want something God hasn’t blessed us with yet. Consider discussing with your child: 1. How often do you wish that you had something you don’t yet own? A different piece of equipment? The next game? Toys you see in commercials? Where does that desire come from? 2. Read Psalm 20:7 together. What is a chariot? a. A chariot is a form of military technology. Technology tempts us to trust it instead of God. Just like a military general would believe that a chariot would help bring him victory, we can be tempted to think that technology will solve our problems. What problems do we try to solve with technology (like cars or TV)? b. When we trust something other than God, when we love or put our faith in something other than God, this is called idolatry. How might you make technology an idol? 3. Is there a piece of technology that you place a lot of faith in to help you—maybe something for school, something for learning or making schoolwork easier? Or is there a game or device that you count on to make you happy, to entertain you? 4. How can we learn to trust God more than technology? Parent Heart Questions 1. Which technologies cause you to covet the most? 2. Would your children (or your spouse) say that you have made technology or a certain device an idol? Why or why not? 3. How do you talk to your kids about the latest technology gadget? What might this communicate to your children? 28