ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 24

Session Three DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Read Luke 20:9-19. What is the significance of these verses in light of technology and its ability to make us envision our world differently? 2. Imagining a world different than the one we have is a main selling point of most technologies. They often promise to solve all your problems, make you feel important, look your best, organize your life, etc. In your life, do you think that technology has delivered on its promise? 3. What have you been tempted to covet as a result of technology? What technologies are the most dangerous for you in this area? 4. Psalm 20:7 says, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD.” In what ways do you struggle with placing your faith in God rather than in something else? Also, read Psalm 40:4-5. 5. How is technology a prime candidate for idolatry in your life? 6. Think of a piece of technology you frequently use in your life. a. How would the absence of that technology cause you to rely on God differently? b. What would you do if that piece of technology were not available when you faced a challenging or difficult situation? 7. What convicts you when you think about the patterns your family has developed related to technology? 8. How has this teaching challenged, changed or increased your view of the cross and the work of Jesus Christ? 24