ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 18

Session Two DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Explain the difference between these two statements and why is it important to understand the difference? a. Technology is inherently dangerous. b. Technology is inherently evil. 2. How are you processing the implications of this technology principle in your own life? What are some dangers you have felt in your own life and heart? 3. Was there ever an event in your life when you intended to use technology for good but it was used for evil instead? 4. Which example of the dangers of technology was most illuminating to you? 5. What are some of the “cumulative negative effects” technology has on you? 6. Genesis 11:4 says in pride, people built the tower in order to “make a name for ourselves.” Describe a time in your life when you used technology to “make a name for yourself.” 7. Since technology is an extension of our fallen human nature, how does that affect your view on using technology to accomplish “good”? 8. How can technology corrupt your spiritual life? Is there any danger in Bible apps, verses of the day, subscriptions to blogs, sermon podcasts, Christian radio or television? 9. How might your current use of technology reveal areas of pride, laziness, lust, love of money (idolatry) or other sin in your life? 18