ReWire: Living Faithfully in a Technological World - Page 11

SESSION ONE As we begin to look at technology in our lives, this digital usage quiz is one tool that may help you evaluate your current media usage: Remember that DIGITAL USE ASSESSMENT QUIZ this series is the Answer yes or no 1. Do you text and drive even though you know it’s not the safe thing to do? the material in result of Pastor Jim’s journey of thinking through 2. Do you get the urge to use your smartphone when someone else is talking to you? technology from 3. Do you ever feel something hasn’t really happened until you post it on Facebook? spective over 4. Does your family sit in the same room but not talk to each other because you are all interacting with your digital gadgets? a biblical perseveral months and even years. Ask the Lord for 5. Do you find a ringing or vibrating cell phone interrupts and trumps everything else? an open heart 6. Do you ever lie about your Internet or online gaming use? to hear what God 7. Are you experiencing a loss of interest in other activities you used to enjoy? you on your 8. Do you neglect yourself (sleeping/eating) because of time spent in the digital world? and willing spirit wants to teach personal journey over the course 9. Do you feel anxious if you are offline for a period of time? of this series as 10. Do you ever think about how you could focus better in real life without all these gadgets invading your space? all aspects of Number of yes answers: Interpreting the score 0: Perfect score. You are doing very well in managing your digital world 1 to 3: Your digital usage is good. 4 to 6: You have a problem, so caution is needed. 7 to 10: Your digital engagement is excessive, so take immediate steps to bring it under control. we seek to bring our lives under the authority of the Bible and the control of the Holy Spirit. Used with permission. Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, The Digital Invasion (Baker Books, 2013) p. 151. 11